MYX Fitness Smart Exercise Bike Review

MYX Fitness Smart Exercise Bike Review. Welcome to our review of the MYX Fitness Smart Exercise Bike.

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MYX Fitness Smart Exercise Bike Overview
The MYX Fitness Bike is on the higher end but offers features that make it worth the money. To begin with, the bike comes with adjustable handlebars and an adjustable seat for comfort and also to accommodate various heights. Its weight capacity is 350lbs meaning it can accommodate a wider range of weights. The 21.5″ screen included on the bike can turn 360-degrees so you can use it on or off the bike. The screen also has a USB port so you can charge your heart rate monitor or any other device. The bike uses a flywheel of 41 pounds for resistance and a resistance knob to manually adjust the level of resistance. In terms of fitness, the MYX fitness focuses on heart rate zone training which is why a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor is included when purchasing the bike. The heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate and lets you know whether you need to put in more effort or not. Additionally, the MYX bike has MYX Fitness classes, which offer pre-recorded on-demand videos by expert trainers. The Classes offer warm-up rides, rhythm rides, resistance-heavy climb rides, endurance rides, HIIT rides and recovery rides, and the Bike category. Outside the bike category, the MYX fitness classes also offer floor-based workouts like Pilates, kettlebell training, and yoga. The classes are also personalized unlike group classes in that the trainers seem to have a one-on-one conversation. With the MYX bike, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to the Bluetooth-enabled inbuilt speakers for better sound. For an extra $200 you could also get a free bike mat, yoga mat, roller, and dumbbells with the MYX Fitness Plus…(read more)

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