How to Recycle Running Shoes

Sadly, running shoes don’t last forever. The average life of a running shoe is about 500 kilometers. After that, the cushioning wears out, and the shoes lose their ability to absorb the impact you create as you run. When that happens, your knees and joints take over and absorb that shock. This can lead to a significantly increased risk of injury—ouch! But just because your shoes are no longer suitable for running, that doesn’t mean you have to toss them in the trash. Check out the ideas below and find some ways to either repair, donate or recycle running shoes!

Find A Cobbler

Local cobblers are able to restore all kinds of footwear. Believe it or not, many of them even specialize in repairing old running shoes. Do some research in your community or check with your favorite cobbler to see if they can restore your old sneakers. The process usually includes a full resole, so the tops of the shoes should be in okay condition if you go for this option. Cobblers can also restore hiking boots, climbing shoes, and all kinds of active footwear, so it’s definitely worth finding a resource! 

Donate Them

Used doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Maybe somebody else needs a pair of shoes for work, gardening, painting, etc., and…

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