“I thought it was crazy at first when my coach told me to start eating more, when my goal was to lose weight.

But then I tried it. And it worked.

‘Reverse dieting’ actually helped me lose the last few stubborn pounds.”

This is Megan, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who is celebrating hitting her goal weight.

What’s so interesting about her story is how she did it.

Megan’s coach saw that she was hitting a wall with her lower-calorie diet.

Instead of continuing, Coach Evan proposed they try something different: eat more.




You bet!

Let’s dive right into Megan’s story and what helped her crush the last year of NF Coaching.

4 Lessons Learned From Talking With Megan

#1) Don’t Feel Bad if a Cookie-Cutter Program Doesn’t Work for You.

“Before joining Nerd Fitness Coaching, I had a personal trainer.

It didn’t go well. Despite my objections, they would continue to advise me to do 40-minute blocks of cardio – which I hated. I grew frustrated and quit.

This all-or-nothing pattern continued for years.

Until I partnered with a coach who met me where I am, I found working out consistently to be a challenge.”

Takeaway: there are lots of different ways to get in shape….

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