Mason lost 70 pounds. Here’s how:

Meet Mason, a chemist from Minnesota who is currently celebrating losing over 70 pounds as a member of our Online Coaching Program.

As you can see, Mason has gone through quite the transformation.

Here’s what’s truly remarkable about this story: the time frame!

Mason found Nerd Fitness a year ago, after googling “how to make fitness like a video game” in January 2020.

The fact that THIS is the search that led Mason to us makes me so dang happy.

Like many in the NF Rebellion, Mason felt right at home amongst a group of nerds trying to better themselves. After going it alone for a bit, Mason decided a NF Coach could help him reach his goals.

He recognized he had some challenges, including:

A love of baked goods – “The THOUGHT of cutting out all desserts and sweets made me miserable.”
Workout programs that were too advanced – “I was always told that knee push-ups were the easy variation…but I couldn’t even do those.”
No idea on how to get going – “There’s an overwhelming amount of information when it comes to fitness. I wasn’t sure where to begin.”

Luckily, Mason decided to pick a path and course correct along the way.

365 days later, Mason feels like a new person.

Let’s dig into…

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