The Joroto X1S "Updated" is a Budget Friendly Beginner Exercise Bike with Cadence

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This is the Joroto X1s updated version, and it’s a basic budget friendly indoor bike with friction resistance, a 35 lb flywheel, the display shows your cadence and other standard metrics. This updated version of the Joroto X1s has a belt driven flywheel instead of the chain drive used in the original joroto x1s. This is not a full joroto x1s review, we simply unbox this peloton alternative in this video and take a first look at the components and see how the resistance range feels, and I also compare it to the big brother Joroto X2 which costs more and is much more popular.

0:00 don’t skip this
2:05 components analysis
6:00 assembly instructions
9:41 first impressions
11:05 max height settings
12:05 first ride
13:19 resistance range and feel
14:37 vs joroto x2
16:33 handlebar thickness
17:20 final thoughts

To summarize this bike I’d say this is a decent beginner friendly indoor bike for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on an exercise bike and wants the ability to use the peloton digital app or any platform to get a simple cardiovascular workout in at home. In comparison to the Yosuda bike I reviewed, the joroto x1s has a more comfortable set and much better handlebars, and the display shows your cadence in RPM which is one of the most useful metrics to have on an indoor bike, so you don’t need to buy any external sensors to get your cadence display.

Video on pedals:
how to clip in/out (video):
Wahoo Cadence sensor:
Favorite Heart rate monitor (video, scosche):
Scosche Rhythm+

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Joroto X2 review:

Let me know what else you’d like to know about the Joroto X1s updated version. The joroto x1s assembly process was easy except putting the handlebars on. I spent extra time and attention in the how to build the joroto x1s section of this video showing the trick I used to get the handlebars on…(read more)

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