Inside ‘The Wedge,’ Scott Carney’s New Journey Into the Body’s Potential

— The following is an adapted excerpt from Scott Carney’s The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and the Key to Human Resilience. In his new book from Foxtopus Ink, the New York Times best-selling author guides readers on a globe-spanning investigation into the limits of endurance by exploring the human body’s potential, and discovering along the way exactly how humans can ‘wedge’ control over automatic physiological responses into the breaking point between stress and biology. The journey starts with understanding the subtle language of how the body responds to its environment. 

The author, exploring the inner reaches of the mind at the Float Tank research area at Laureate Institute for Brain Research. Shane Bevel


I’ve got some bad news.  Normally a message like this is delivered in a scream of unmitigated terror. If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic you could turn the lights down low, or change the bulbs so they’re blood red.  Imagine the whirring urgency of a siren getting ever closer until it demands every last shred of attention that your body could muster.  Your skin should be crawling; your pupils dilating form the surge of adrenaline. (Incidentally, if you…

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