The Running Afterburn Effect – Myth or Fact?

What if we told you that you could burn calories while sitting on your couch? Well, you can! 

What is the Afterburn Effect?

First things first, what is the afterburn effect in general? The afterburn effect is simply additional energy expenditure that occurs after training. Meaning that if you train strategically, you can burn even more calories after you have already completed your workout, like running.

How it works: The impact for runners

The technical term is “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” or EPOC, which gives you a hint to what’s going on. After running, your body must put checkmarks next to a couple of things to recover and return to a resting state:

✔ replenishment of ATP, creatine and oxygen stores

✔ removal of lactic acid

✔reparation of the muscles and much more


All these processes require oxygen, which is why oxygen consumption rises after exercise. This requires extra energy; therefore, additional calories will be burned on top of those you have already torched during your workout.

Training intensity is key

The training intensity is crucial when it comes to EPOC:

HIIT training is the best way to benefit from the running afterburn effect.Additionally, tempo runs, fartleks, and interval…

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