This is a Spinning Spinner Pro plus Spin bike by Star Trac. Unlike the indoor cycling bike and exercise bikes I typically review this is a commercial grade chain driven authentic spin bike.

I don’t have a lot of experience with chain drive exercise bikes, but there are two things I noticed about this particular spin bike right away.
1 – it makes a lot of noise compared to every other bike I’ve reviewed
2 – there is slack in the drive train before the pedal engages with the flywheel rotation
From my research after recording this video there is supposed to be a small amount of slack in the chain, and without removing the cover on this spin bike I can’t tell for sure if it needs to be tightened or not.

– (see specs only – out of stock)

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I also learned there are few possibilities for the noise this spinning bike makes:
1 – it may be the bearings making the noise and not the chain, the bearings could be worn out possibly.
2 – the chain may be mis-aligned.
I also understand bike chains stretch out over time and need to be replaced eventually, I’m not sure if that’s the case on this bike.

Spinning Spinner Pro+ specs (according to amazon page)
Flywheel mass: 41 lbs
Bike weight 124 lbs

The flywheel mass on this spin bike felt substantial and nice to ride. The drive train feel has a mechanical nature to it and I enjoy riding this bike. The 41 lb flywheel carried good momentum through each pedal stroke to help maintain consistent cadence both in and out of the saddle. Overall I have to say the drive train feel on this spin bike was much better then a lot of the cheap friction resistance bikes I have tested in the past. Even though this spinning bike was significantly louder than most of the bikes I have reviewed it felt great to ride…(read more)

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