How Do Beginners Get Fit? (3 Ways to Start)

So you’ve decided you want to get fit?


Now what? There is SOOO much out there, it can be overwhelming.

You end up collecting information for weeks…but take zero action.

If this sounds like you, we understand. It’s frustrating! 

No worries though, you’re in the right place to kick it into gear. We’ve helped thousands of beginners get started (and reach their goals!) as part of our online coaching program. 

Today, I’ll share with you 3 different ways to get things going, that have been tested by nerds just like you. 

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

Let’s jump right in.

How Do Beginners Get Fit?

As Coach Matt discusses above, there are three areas we want to focus on when trying to level up your fitness:


When someone joins our coaching program, we often think about developing habits around these three pillars.

As I often share with folks when discussing our coaching program:

It’s not just a matter of handing over a bunch of workouts and shoving them out the door – we want to approach people’s goals and fitness more holistically.

What’s the first move in each category?

Well, there’s no…

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