You have signed up for a half marathon and been training for the last few weeks. You also have a desired goal time in mind. But how do you know if this goal is actually realistic? Before the race, you need to be able to estimate your goal time as accurately as possible in order to choose the right running pace. This is important because it helps you to optimize your half marathon prep and select the best strategy for the big day.

Today we have some tips for you on how to go about finding a realistic running pace for your half marathon.

This post includes 2 useful tools for planning your race pace:

A pace calculatorA downloadable PDF with a half marathon pace chart

1. Calculate your running pace based on previous races

The easiest way to estimate your half marathon pace is to look at your race times over shorter distances. Using certain factors, you can calculate your expected half marathon time from your 5K or 10K personal best (PB).

Formula for calculating a realistic half marathon time:

5K PB x 4.66710K PB x 2.223

Example: Your 10K personal best is 50 minutes. Multiply this time by 2.223 to get your realistic half marathon time: 1:51 h. This is equal to a 5:16 min/km pace.

2. Do several timed runs during your training

Another method…

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