Expert Advice What does waterproof mean and what is water resistant?

Rain wear like a hardshell rain jacket is mostly waterproof and breathable: sweat will go out and rain can’t go in and so we stay dry. But what is waterproof actually and how is it measured? Enjoy the video!
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00:40 Who am I?
01:20 Waterproof non-breathable rain wear
02:18 Waterproof and breathable in short
02:51 Hydrostatic head or water column
05:05 Suter test in practice and examples
11:26 How much waterproofness do we need?
13:34 What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?
14:45 One last test!
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15:50 What next to watch?
16:11 Did you know….

➡️This video is the second video in a small series about outdoor rainwear. In the previous video I explain how a fabric that a lot of our outdoor rain wear is made off can be waterproof and breathable in de the same time. That video is here:

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