You can always count on the people in your life—you share special moments with them and master challenges together. But have you tried connecting with your friends or fellow runners directly in your adidas Running app yet? It’s the perfect motivation booster!

Connecting with athletes…

…offers great social benefits and also helps you be part of an active and engaging community. Besides, some of our coolest features like leaderboards or groups only work if you are following people in the adidas Running app!

Followers Are Vital For Your Fitness & Health

There’s so much more to a healthy lifestyle than just nutrition and working out. The social element is important, too! Researchers have found that our social life can have a significant impact on our health:(1) People without friends get sick more often and are unhappier than those who have people they can rely on and talk to. Even virtually, fitness and social connections complement each other to improve your health!

Managing and following people in the adidas Running app:

Following people and accepting followers is quick and easy with the adidas Running app. Tap “Community” on the tab bar and tap “Followers and Following”. As soon as you are on the “Connections”…

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