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26 Apr CBD Oil – Review

I FIRST learned of CBD oil about a decade ago

My first exposure to CBD oil was from my good friend Ari Whitten.  You know “Ari” if you have been following me for a few years because Ari and I go way back… it started at the gym years ago when we became great friends and then we started training together.  Our training sessions turned into therapy for me as I would end up asking him a million questions about every ache or pain I had and he ALWAYS had the solution. I found him BRILLIANT in all things health related!

We ended up co writing a few ebooks together, and over time he earned the title as “my guru” for all things new and cutting edge in health and in the energy space. I would learn something and then go to Ari for validation that it was good haha (he basically has Ghandi like power with me on this stuff!)  It became a running theme anytime I shared something new I learned with my husband Brooks, I would say it is “Ari approved!”

Ari knows me well and knew that I am someone who has dealt with ADHD and anxiety my whole life. He is the first one who taught me about Red light therapy, blue light blocker glasses and much more.


Ari recommended I try CBD…

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