Bowflex® VeloCore™ Bike | Product Overview

Introducing VeloCore™, our NEW (un)stationary bike that’ll have you hating us (and loving us) at the same time.

See it here:

The VeloCore Bike is thoughtfully engineered with leaning mode to create a wildly immersive riding experience. You’ll rock, sway, and bend to life down winding roads. Tilting gently from side to side as you sprint like a banshee toward the finish line…all from your living room.

Choose Your Riding Style: Leaning Mode or Stationary Mode.
Your bod moves (and grooves) with natural rhythm. Now…your ride does too. Sprint straight as an arrow or go (un)stationary with leaning mode. No matter which mode you choose, you’re in for a comfortable, more natural-feeling ride that’ll fit whatever the day’s adventure.

The JRNY™ Experience Makes it a Hell of a Lot Harder to Skip Cardio.
A JRNY Membership for your VeloCore bike unlocks epic features that’ll keep you keepin’ on…for an insanely long time:
1. 75+ Trainer-Led Videos: An additional kick-in-the-bum for the days you need it most.
2. 40+ Scenic Destinations: Rock, move, and flex your way through the curves of scenic destinations around the planet.
3. Adaptive Workouts: The fitter you get, the harder these babies get. Simple enough? It is.
4. Friendly Virtual Coaching: Our clever coach has a way with words. You’re gonna like what you hear in the final stretch.

A Variety of Streaming Entertainment and Digital Connectivity Options.
1. Streaming Entertainment: Binge your existing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ accounts from the adjustable HD touchscreen. You provide the streaming subscription, we provide the magic. Yes, popcorn fits in the cupholders.
2. Digital Connectivity: If you’ve got Peloton® and Zwift® subscriptions, you can connect and view from your smart phone, tablet, or smart TV.

Trends come and go. Unlike our competitors, we design cardio and strength products that keep you motivated for more than just a couple weeks.

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