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Tighten up your triceps! Getting rid of the so-called “bat wings” and achieving toned upper arms isn’t actually as difficult as you might think if you’re doing the right arm workouts. Your own body weight is more than sufficient to tighten up your triceps and biceps. You don’t need much space or even much time to do these 7 effective bodyweight training exercises at home or wherever you wish! 

1. Planks

The plank is an isometric exercise. This is a particular type of strength training in which the muscles are tensed, but their length does not change. Although all you have to do is maintain the position, the exercise is quite challenging. The more you tighten your entire body, the longer you will be able to stay in the plank position. So, how many minutes can you hold the plank for?

2. Up-downs

This exercise not only works out your arms, but your entire body. It is particularly good for the muscles of your core. Start in plank position and raise yourself up by placing first one hand on the floor, followed by the other. Then return to the starting position. Besides your arms, this engages your abs, glutes and legs, which is what makes it so strenuous.

3. Triceps dips

You might think that you need a couch, chair or park…

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