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Exercise can be a hassle, especially if your only means of entertainment is a horrible juicer infomercial in five of the Top 10 Television gym. But thanks to the virtual reality, you can soon exercise your way through a video-game-and as of today you can pre-order a VR-ready bike that lets you do just that.

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VirZoom a VR startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts that stick you in an immersive video game that you sweat bullets pedaling on a stationary bike. The ends of the handlebars resemble gaming devices, and it is compatible with Oculus Rift for PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. The faster you pedal, the faster you go VR games, dropping calories all the time.

VirZOOM team has created a unique VR gaming platform shows on stationary exercise bikes experience inside and out,” said VirZoom Founder and CTO Eric Malafeew in a press release. «Rather than distract you with a 2D screen, we make use of the intense power of immersive VR to make you move so you get a workout without feeling that you’re working.”

For now, the game includes a high speed racing game, a lasso-throwing cowboy stampede, and one that lets you control the Pegasus as you gallop and glide over rolling hills. The company says it is safer than other types of VR, because you are still in the same place all the time and not get super disoriented and fall overboard.

The company calls the bike a “VR controller,” and it is for sale for $ 249.95, go for a discounted $ 199.95 for all pre-orders. For an extra $ 10 a month you get access to a subscription service that keeps track of distance and calories, and also opens up the multiplayer capabilities and access to third-party games to be added in the future.

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