18 May Why I’m Loyal To California

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by Natalie Jill

When I was 32, (I am 48 now), I picked up and moved across the country. I moved from all I knew on the east coast to unfamiliar San Diego, CA.

I left friends, my condo that I had worked hard for and bought, a boyfriend who I loved, my immediate family, and alllll that I knew for a leap of faith.

I knew that nature and the outside was calling me. You see,  although Washington, DC had its beautiful sites, the hot humid summers, the freezing cold winters, the miles and miles of cement buildings, being far from mountains, and the ocean and the obsession with “politics” and “what do you do for a living” I was more than over. I never loved it there.

From the time I was a little girl I was ALWAYS intrigued by California. I told my mom that someday I would live there.

When I was 32, I was going through some self reflecting. There were things I was not happy with in my life and I was confused about a lot. What kept coming up for me was that I truly  wanted to plant myself where I felt I belonged. Somewhere where I felt…

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