40+ Essential Running Terms Explained (Full Beginners’ Glossary)

Do you know what bib, bonk, and bandit mean?

The more you run, the more you start to talk like a runner. This list of 40+ running terms will be useful along your running journey. 

You might need it when preparing for a race, buying running shoes, or just trying to understand different running training plans.

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Running terms glossary by topic
Basic training terms


During aerobic exercise (also called “cardio”) breathing (oxygen) is sufficient to meet the energy demands of the muscles. Think of low to moderate intensity activities like jogging


Exercise becomes anaerobic when breathing doesn’t provide enough oxygen to meet energy needs. Think high intensity, maximum effort activities such as sprin


The last part of a runner’s workout where the goal is to get the heart rate and breathing back to normal. It usually involves a short walk or jog, lower body stretching, etc.

Core/Core training

Your core includes the muscles around the middle of your body (abs & back). It plays a role in stability and thereby influences your running form. Your core can be trained with specific…

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