Are you constantly tired and sluggish although you slept enough? Of course, some kind of deficiency or disease might be making making you feel like this, but all too often there are other reasons why you feel so lethargic. If you keep asking yourself “Why am I so tired?”, then check out the common causes of fatigue below.

1. Your sleep rhythm is disturbed

Often, we only focus on how long we sleep. You should try to get somewhere between seven and eight hours a night. This is very important because people who are continually sleep deprived tend to put on weight.

However, we frequently forget that our sleep rhythm also plays a crucial role. This means that if you constantly go to bed at different times (for example, because of shift-work), this can have a negative impact on your health (just like sleeping too little).

Calculate your bedtime

Do you want to find out more about your sleeping habits? Try our Sleep Cycle Calculator.

Do you feel especially wiped out in spring or fall? It could be due to daylight savings time. Give your internal clock time to get used to the time change – this can take up to two weeks.

2. You’re not eating right

Are there days when you forget to eat because there is too much to do? Eating too little…

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