The AI-Powered Fitness Bike I Can't Stop Using…CAROL Bike Review!

I was skeptical, but after using this bike for 2 months, I’m a believer. Here’s my CAROL Bike Review…
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In testing, I end up using A LOT of cardio equipment. The CAROL Bike is unlike anything else I’ve used. Sure, it’s similar to other fitness bikes in its construction, but the use of A.I. to put the proper amount of resistance on at the perfect time for the perfect amount of time is otherworldly.

When I hear claims such as, “the shortest most effective cardio workout,” I immediately get skeptical. But, after using it at least 5 times a week since I’ve had it, I believe the claim. Especially due to the studies that back it.

In this CAROL Bike review, I discuss it’s construction, quality, technology, and compare it to other bikes that could fill the space in your home gym, such as Peloton.


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