Stop Losing Muscle Mass and Avoid Detraining

Many things can get in the way of your fitness routine. Getting injured, taking a break to focus on something else, or simply losing interest. The question is: 

How soon and to what degree will you get out of shape if you stop working out?

Good to know:

If you plan a break, consider reducing your training instead of skipping it – it will help you retain your form! Tips on how to do this can be found at the end of the article.

Detraining effect

The so-called detraining effect can result in the partial or complete reversal of all benefits you got from your regular workouts. The response is individual and highly dependent on your current form and training history.

However, most people notice a difference between a shorter (4 weeks or less) and longer (more than 4 weeks) break.  

Short break (≤ 4 weeks) from training

According to research, many physiological changes start to take place even after a short break.[1]

Key points:

Endurance goes firstHighly-trained athletes notice a bigger drop than recreational runnersEndurance

For recreational runners, training history will make a difference. If you were only training for a couple of months before your short break, you probably won’t notice any changes. However, if you have a year or…

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