LifeSpan Cycle Boxer Exercise Bike Review

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Cycle Boxer Features

Full Body workout machine
The cycling motion keeps legs and feet engaged while the boxing panel challenges your arms, shoulders and core. This is a unique boxing style workout for those who would prefer to sit on an upright bike.

Magnetic Eddy Current with 16 Resistance Levels
Magnetic resistance is silent. Regardless of which resistance level you are on, there is no noise from pedaling.

Bike weight: 121lbs and Max user weight: 300lbs
The Cycle Boxer only weighs 121 lbs and has front wheels so you can roll it when needed. But it will support up to 300lbs of user weight.

Footprint: 43.6” L x 27” W x 63 – 74.5” H (boxing panel is adjustable up/down)
This machine has a surprisingly compact footprint at just 27” wide and 43.6” long. The boxing panel does sit up high, but can be adjusted for a total height of 63” to 74.5” high.

Backlit color touchscreen is Bluetooth enabled
The color touchscreen sits snugly between the handlebars and within easy reach from the saddle. From the touchscreen you can select Manual or Custom programs with settings from Easy, Medium to Hard. The console is also Bluetooth enabled and will sync with the LifeSpan HR chest strap or the Cycle Boxer app on your phone.

Touchscreen metrics include: Boxing speed, accuracy, cycling cadence, cycling resistance, program selection
You can see your current metrics on the touchscreen or on the app on your phone
5 Boxing Sensors with colored lights behind each sensor
The boxing panel includes five raised sensors with colored lights behind each sensor. Depending on the program you use, boxers can target lights or shapes in the sensors.

Boxing gloves included
Adjustable boxing gloves should fit most hands with a velcro strap and elastic finger links.

Boxing panel tested to withstand both powerful and lighter strikes
For stronger boxers, the boxing panel will withstand heavy impact strikes. For new boxers, the sensors will also respond to lighter hits.

Padded seat allows for ergonomic core and lumbar support during workout
The wide saddle has contouring to support an upright, ergonomic position that engages the core during boxing.

Touchscreen console syncs with Cycle Boxer app
Keep a tally of your current workout with a history of all previous workouts on your phone in the Cycle Boxer app. The app will sync with the console via Bluetooth for end-of-workout metrics as well…(read more)

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