Mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness have become popular buzzwords in recent times, with many people and companies using these words for Employer Branding and Marketing purposes, however many times there is not much behind it; we all know buzzwords are just words at the end of the day and a thorough understanding of mental health and wellbeing goes way beyond dropping them in from time to time.

In a time where uncertainty has become a daily challenge and each and everyone of us have experienced unprecedented intense stress due to the pandemic and its consequences, mental health and wellbeing needs to be taken seriously and properly understood and, most importantly, supported.

We spend the majority of our days in our working environment, meaning we need to have the support and understanding of our management in order to uphold and maintain positive mental health in our employees. Unfortunately, mental health is not always a priority for companies, and even in those companies who have many of the right measures in place, there are many factors, internal and external, that can result in the declining mental health of employees; either from burnout or a clinical medical reason such as depression or anxiety, for example. This can…

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