Create Your Own Home Workouts (+ videos)

We all have our favorite home workouts. What puts a smile on your face? Is it getting the adrenaline pumping with a HIIT workout? The quick 4-minute blast of a tabata workout? Or  maybe the familiarity of circuit training? 

These 6 exercises can be combined to create different bodyweight workouts for you to try at home and add some variety to your fitness routine. And don’t forget to cool down with some stretching to facilitate recovery afterward.

6 Exercises for Home Workouts • Level: Beginner to Intermediate  Stretching for Recovery 

Muscles tightening up? It’s time to stretch! Here are a few easy stretches to loosen up. Foam rolling after a workout is also a great way to facilitate recovery.

Choose Your Favorite Home Workout: 6 Combinations 


Classic Circuit Training Plan 3-5 rounds. Depending on your level, start with eight reps (per exercise) and increase to 16 reps or more. After each round take a break for max 40s and have some water. The shorter the breaks are, the more intense the workout gets – even with fewer repetitions. But take at least 20 seconds to rest between rounds. When you are done, add some stretches, such as Cobra Stretch and Downward Dog. Stay in these for 25 seconds each.Pyramid This…

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