Checkout This AlphaRev R208 SPEED DEMON Remote Control Boat Review #Shorts

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😀 AlphaRev R208 SPEED DEMON RC Boat Review #Shorts. 😀

High Speed Remote Control Boats: AlphaRev R208 Remote Controlled Boat races across the water up to 20 MPH, 4-channel 2.4GHZ remote control with a 400 Ft signal range. AlphaRev R208 Remote Control Boat Review.

RC Boat with Storage Case: AlphaRev specially designed a storage bag for the remote control boat. The sturdy materials and large storage space make the rc boat more convenient to carry. AlphaRev R208 Remote Control Boat Review.

Saltwater RC Boats: The Non-Capsize Hull System can flip the R208 quickly from wave. Racing R208 in the sea like a real jet boat! AlphaRev R208 Remote Control Boat Review.

LED Lights and Autopilot Mode: Led lights allow you identify the position and direction of the boat in the Pools and Lakes at night.Press the autopilot mode button, the hull will automatically move back and forth in the “8” shape, bring more fun to children. AlphaRev R208 Remote Control Boat Review.

Perfect Gift For Kids And Adults: AlphaRev RC Speedboat has LIFETIME WARRANTY and NOT SATISFACTION REFUND, please feel free to get in touch with our support personnel , we provide 24-hours professional after-sell service. AlphaRev R208 Remote Control Boat Review.

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User Review:

This little thing is awesome. Bought it to take to the beach thinking the salt water would prob kill it in a day. Drove it around in huge waves doing jumps, and in lagoons with no issue. I drove this into waves and put it under water multiple times. It just floats back to the top right side up every time. Battery runs for about 25 mins. Great for all ages. AlphaRev R208 Remote Control Boat Review.

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