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04 Sep Attention Coaches! Posted at 12:45h in Motivation by Natalie Jill

One day after turning 49 and I’m already COMING OUT!!

I have been keeping a big secret! Although you see my books, my programs, etc alll about (aging, fitness, and nutrition) this is NOT ALL I AM… Wait what?! You see, It’s what I have built. It’s what I created from nothing. But that’s not all of who I Am. “Who I AM” is also someone who provides simple solutions. I am someone who gets to the root of problems quickly, identifies solutions and SIMPLIFIES them. I’m someone who helps other find their potential and possibility which then gets them powerful radical life changing results.

How do I do this?SALES

And “sales” is not a slimy thing. It’s just done wrong a LOT and that’s why people are so uncomfortable with that word. When it’s done right, It’s a super amazing helpful skill for all parties involved! And it’s very likely the missing ingredient from your coaching business!

I spent 20 years as a top sales person and sales trainer in corporate America before ever creating Natalie jill fitness. My friends and clients that know me well would all tell you it’s my SUPER POWER. It’s where I lose track of time, it’s where I…

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