7 things I HATE about the Echelon EX4s COSTCO bike

The echelon ex4s is a pretty good indoor cycling bike sold at costco, but it’s not perfect. Here are 7 things I don’t love about the Echelon Connect EX-4s.
Echelon EX-5 (better open platform design)

If you’re thinking about buying the echelon connect ex4s from costco I do think it is a good value if you want to join the echelon app and be married to it long term. however if you intend on using peloton or apple fitness+ or any other cycling workout programs the echelon ex4s may not be the best option for you.
This is not my full echelon ex4s review, you can see the videos below for my echelon bike reviews and comparisons
Echelon connect e4s review vs Schwinn ic4:
echelon ex4s vs schwinn ic4:
echelon ex4s vs Peloton bike plus:
vs cheaper echelon connect sport:
echelon connect ex4s unboxing:

Video on pedals:
how to clip in/out (video):
Wahoo Cadence sensor:
Favorite Heart rate monitor (video, scosche):
Scosche Rhythm+

my fav bike seat (video)

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I would recommend you at least take a look at the echelon ex3 and the echelon ex5 if you don’t care about the little 10 inch screen that comes on the echelon ex4s. If you don’t want to participate in echelon app and pay the yearly $400 fee to use the ex4s I would especially recommend you consider a bike that does not come with the screen built into the indoor bike…(read more)

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