Running in and of itself is pretty simple. However, if you have specific goals in mind for improving your performance and you want to beat your personal best at a particular race, then things start getting more complex. We have put together some useful information for you on how to run better and avoid making the five most common training mistakes for runners.

5 Common Running Mistakes 1. Running only at a “feel good-pace”

Many runners train regularly and enthusiastically for a long time, but don’t understand why they aren’t getting faster. The reason for this is often the monotony of their training program. If you are running just for the sake of exercise, then training in your comfort zone is totally fine.

But if you want to boost your performance and increase your speed, then you need to add some variety to your training routine. The most important factor for improving your performance is creating a training stimulus. Your body needs to be pushed out of its comfort zone (homeostasis) to kick-start the recovery/adaptation process that will make you faster. If you always run at the same pace, you will improve initially, but soon your body will get used to that effort level. The training stimulus will no longer be…

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