18 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Each Muscle Group

Want to know which bodyweight exercises are most effective for targeting specific body parts?

This list of the best bodyweight exercises includes:

All major muscle groups: abs, legs, glutes, chest, shoulders/arms, backRecommendations for every fitness level: beginner, intermediate, advancedExercise videos with detailed instructionsList >> Best bodyweight exercises for each body part

These exercise recommendations are based on muscle activation, intensity, and complexity. To make your own workout, try this: choose 4 exercises, do each for 10-12 reps, repeat 4 sets. If you can do more than 12 reps with good form, consider choosing a more advanced variation.

Keep in mind:

The most advanced exercise is not the “best” one! The best exercise is the one you can do while maintaining proper form.


The following exercises are recommended for abs:

Ab-focused workouts can get boring… why not try to do ab exercises with a partner instead?

Lower Body

The following bodyweight exercises are recommended for legs and glutes:


Skipping leg training is a big mistake. Make sure to train your legs at least once every week! Check out more leg exercises you can do at home without equipment.


Glutes are more than just your “booty”! They…

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