10 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear

11 May 10 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear

For all of you dealing with set backs..for all of you struggling with starting over.. for all of you living with chronic pain- I get you on a whole new level. Tomorrow marks 10 weeks post my emergency surgery to repair my distal bicep tear. It was a rough ten weeks post surgery and three weeks from injury to surgery.

It was a rough surgery because normally it needs to be repaired within two weeks of injury. Three weeks was pushing it and is what created the nerve pain and slower recovery.

If you had asked me prior to this injury if I knew about pain and recovery I would have said yes. I mean I’ve had my share of injuries, back surgery…etc. I now know that was BS

I did not know true physical pain until this injury. I described my arm post surgery as feeling like it went through a meat grinder. And then when that pain stopped, the amazing Nerve pain kicked in. Oh man, that’s a whole other level of special. I did not know true mental toughness until this injury

I did not know the true meaning of surrender until this injury.

Losing the ability to write, feed myself, shower, drive, all the things with an advanced dominant arm complete tear coupled with non stop…

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