Your Butt is Photo Shopped…🙄

30 Dec

Your Butt is Photo Shopped…🙄

“Your abs are photo shopped” “Your butt is photo shopped” 😂 (now I had to giggle at that one)

When I first started sharing on social media years ago I had a wicked strong core and defined abs. Something I had worked REALLY hard at. I would constantly get comments (usually from someone with a pet or plant as a profile picture) that I was photoshopped. It hurt. A lot.

When video became a thing on IG those mean comments stopped.

Now, years later, as I’ve been working super crazy hard the last few months to develop my backside, comments once again started coming in, not about abs but that my “butt was photoshopped”

I wasn’t triggered this time as I now know this and have compassion:


Your mean comments just mean that YOU don’t think that YOUR goals are possible so you tell everyone else that achieved something you have wanted that their results are fake

I’m sorry that must feel sucky.

Ok here’s the hard core reality:

YOU have to believe RESULTS are actually possible first

YOU have to believe that YOU can achieve something before you can achieve it

YOU have to start looking at others who have what you might want with curiosity, possibility and hope.


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