Xebex Air Bike Review (Best Home Exercise Bike)

In this video I go over the xebex air bike and give a complete review on it. For more on the xebex air bike be sure to visit the link below!

Link to the xebex air bike:

The assault bike, in my opinion, is by far one of the best exercise bikes on the market. It doesn’t take long for you to get your sweat on and start feeling the burn. In fact, you can get that feeling in less than 1 minute!

This isn’t your typical spin bike. It packs a lot more punch, and can offer more bang for your buck.

An assault bike is a cardio machine that you will learn to have a love/hate relationship with. It is a bike that gives you the option to do a full body workout, or a workout for just your upper or lower body.

It has a big fan attached to the front of it, and has two handles attached to the fan that move. What this does is it allows you to control the resistance on your workout without having to adjust any knobs or press any buttons. This is one of the best features about the assault bike. The faster you go the more resistance it gives, so you get to make the workout your own.

It comes with foot pedals, an adjustable seat, pegs, a monitor, and two wheels in the front…(read more)

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