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06 Apr Worry Solves Nothing

Posted at 19:41h
in Motivation
by Natalie Jill

Worry Changes Nothing

Up until about a week ago I was not feeling so good most days…I was super stuck in the worry about what my arm injury meant and then the worry of everything going on in the world. WORRY was the key word there.

Worry Changes Nothing.

I’ve learned over the years to LEAN IN to feelings. Not worry. But the feelings that the worry brings up. Lean in and feel them. Feel them, express them, MOVE them.

The alternative (stuffing them, muting them or ignoring them) does not make them disappear. Doing that makes us WORRY and that most certainly can cause anxiety and depression.

And the truth about feelings? They need to be felt.

The truth about WORRY? It solves NOTHING. It’s completely unproductive.

Most importantly, worry only happens when we are stuck in past or future. If we stay focussed on the PRESENT worry goes away. I mean the LITERAL present moment. Like this minute, right now, this place today. Most of you are SAFE at home in this moment right here and right now. Most of you are SAFE right now at home in…

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