Workout scheduling is one of the most challenging things about fitness. Elite athletes have coaches and sports scientists telling them exactly how to schedule their workouts. While the rest of us aren’t so lucky, following some simple workout scheduling guidance can go a long way.

Here are some answers to your most basic questions about workout scheduling!

How Many Days to Workout Each Week? 

It depends on your fitness level, experience and goals. A very experienced athlete with a high fitness level can easily work out every day of the week and multiple times every day. A beginner athlete should strongly consider taking two or three days per week entirely off or focused on recovery. If you’re not sure how many recovery days per week you need, here are the signs it’s time for a recovery day.

New runners are very strongly advised to take at least two days off from running per week. These recovery days are essential for your body to heal from the damage inflicted by running the other days.

Strength-focused athletes might only work out three times per week. This is also to allow the body to adapt to the strength training stimulus productively. 

Realistically, your daily availability is the biggest limiter regarding how many days…

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