Workout Creator ᐅ Home Workouts for You

Want to train your arms for 15 minutes? How about a half-hour butt and abs workout you can easily do in the comfort of your own home?

You choose the muscle groups and the duration, and we will create the perfect bodyweight training workout for you in a matter of seconds – no matter where your on-the-go lifestyle takes you! The Workout Creator in your adidas Training app makes fitting in a workout with the time you have easy, sweaty and effective.

Where can you find the Workout Creator?

To start the Workout Creator, simply click on the Workouts tab in the adidas Training app menu. Scroll down until you find the Workout Creator. 

Select the muscle groups you would like to focus on and choose the duration of your workout. 

What’s the difference between the Workout Creator and Training Plan workouts? 

Unlike some of the Training Plan workouts in the adidas Training app, the exercises in the Workout Creator challenge you to do as many repetitions as you can during a set amount of time (as opposed to a set amount of repetitions). This creates a more HIIT-style or circuit training style workout, challenging your muscles while also elevating your heart rate.

With all adidas Training app workouts, you will mostly be…

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