Will You Make it Past 50?

02 Jul Will You Make it Past 50?

As I write this my heart is racing, my hands are shaking, and my breath is…UNCOMFORTABLE.27 years ago the course of my life changed forever. My dad, who was my world, died of a heart attack.No warning. No goodbyes. Just gone.

He was 49. 2 months shy of turning 50, the EXACT age of me today.

I’ve feared this day for 27 years.

Would I have my dads fate?
Will I make it past his years?
Will I make it to 50?

With his passing I went from daddy’s little girl who felt she needed his ok and approval on everything to

an independent woman on a mission. When my dad died, he left my mom (making her a young widow), myself, my brother snd my sister (she was just 12 at the time)

My dad did not see us grow up.

He did not walk us down the aisle at our weddings

He never met his grandkids

It could have all been prevented. Most Heart disease is preventable.

Stop messing around with your health. Take it seriously. We do not know how long we have on this planet. None of us do. But so much CAN be pro longed and prevented.

Eat foods that nourish and heal you
Move your body
Take stress reduction seriously

If not for you, for your family who will not be the same without you.

I miss…

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