As we learn more about the connections between the mind and body, it is clear that achieving a healthy lifestyle can’t be accomplished with workouts and healthy diet alone. Health is about achieving balance between your mind, body, and nutrition, and all three areas are closely linked. Working out has incredible benefits for your mental health, practicing good mental health hygiene will give you more energy to dedicate to your fitness goals, and, of course, the food you eat fuels your body, impacts your moods, and so much more. 

In order to be fit for the future, it’s key to focus on finding the right balance between your mind, body, and nutrition.


Around 1 in 7 people globally suffer from one or more mental health or substance abuse disorders. While there are a number of ways that our society needs to address this problem as a whole, it’s important that as individuals we have some tools and knowledge about how to keep our minds as healthy as we can. 

Practicing good mental hygiene is a start. Similarly to how brushing your teeth, showering frequently, and washing your hair are good daily habits you can use to maintain your physical hygiene, there are several habits you can implement in your daily life to help…

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