Why It’s So Hard To Make Goals A Reality

22 Sep Why It’s So Hard To Make Goals A Reality Posted at 18:58h in Motivation by Natalie Jill

Why is it dang so hard to bring your “goals” into fruition?

I am hoping this will help you! I’ve seen and shifted over and over again with clients…

DECISION. You may not have fully DECIDED it’s happening. You may be trying it on, thinking about it, wishing for it, dreaming about it, but DECIDING means it’s happening and you are level 10 committed.

You aren’t clear on WHY you want what you want. Getting clear on that driving core motivator as to why you want the goal gives you CLARITY and clarity is what helps you focus on creating it and making it a reality. Knowing your why outsmarts distractions and willpower.

False assumed truths , the wrong beliefs and especially FEAR. It’s real. It holds us back. It’s in the way. It keeps us from getting hurt, it protects us from disappointment, it keeps us “SAFE” but it does not help us live the creative, fun, expanded life we WANT. This is especially true when it is TRULY YOUR GIFT AND CALLING. Yup. When we are truly onto our GIFTS and strengths , the risk of failure feels PERSONAL. When it is just a skill, or something you’ve learned or studied, the risk of failure is…

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