Why Can’t I Lose Body Fat? 4 Weight Loss Tips

Are you trying to lose weight and struggling to see results? We have all hit a plateau in our fitness goals at some point, and there are a few things you can do to help overcome it. But first, a few things you should know if you often find yourself stepping on the scale and asking, “Why can’t I lose body fat?”: 

1. Weight and body fat are not the same. While the number on the scale may not be changing much, as you build muscle and burn fat, the overall makeup of your body is shifting. Since muscle is heavier than fat, you may not see those results on the scale. To accurately track your goals, you should calculate your body fat percentage and measure changes over time. Your body fat percentage is a much more accurate tool to help track your progress.

2. Weight is not a measure of your fitness level. There are people of all different shapes and sizes who are healthy and fit. If you want to track your athletic ability, find and complete a fitness test and work on improving your results. How many push ups can you do? How fast can you run a mile or kilometer? Those are the measures of fitness that really matter.

If you have decided that body fat loss is in the mix of goals you need to pursue to improve your overall…

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