What’s Actually Stopping You From Your Goals

30 Mar

What’s Actually Stopping You From Your GoalsPosted at 18:43h in Motivation by Natalie Jill

You do NOT have a “problem” achieving your goals. What you may be lacking is Focus. Clarity. And Vision…(let me explain…)

When you ask most people what is in the way of their goals:Some will give you a list of “reasons” or “circumstances” preventing them from achieving them.Some will blame othersSome will tell you why they gave up or quitSome will tell you they don’t know “how” to achieve themBut the ones that achieve them?They were CLEAR on what they wanted and why they wanted it.They had a VERY specific VISION of what they wantedThey FOCUSED on that vision.When you have focus, vision and clarity:Circumstances don’t stop youOthers can’t stop youYou won’t give up or quit because you are clear on what you wantThe HOW will work it self out. It always does.You do not have a problem achieving your goals. You just haven’t grasped FOCUS, CLARITY and your VISION around what you want.Shift your blame to asking yourself “what do I want and why do I want it”


Natalie Jill


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