What Working From Home Is Really Like for Our Runtastics

Written by Shona Mulligan, with the help of a handful of other Runtastics

Although working from home from time to time is pretty normal for some Runtastics, the current COVID-19 situation has been a new challenge for us all. Our ‘normal’ working life (which includes lunch dates, coffee chats, in-person meetings, and of course after-work drinks) has changed rather dramatically. Each of our 250 employees is experiencing a new work situation, and we are all facing different challenges.

Thankfully, we are all safely working from home, and our collaboration has never been stronger!

Even though we are not physically together in our offices…

…we still have regular lunches, coffee chats, themed meetings, workshops, yoga classes, interviews, and even pub quizzes—all virtually, of course! Our team spirit is palpable. Our slack channels are bursting with messages from colleagues sharing home office tips, memes to make us smile, inspiring articles, and selfies of their outfit choice for the day—we truly are getting through this together.

In our last blog, we shared insights about practical tips for working from home, so we checked in with our team to hear about their personal experiences dealing with working remotely…

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