What to Do When Your Achilles Tendon Hurts

Do you ever wake up with pain in your Achilles tendon? Perhaps it aches when you climb stairs or start your workout? If so, there is a good chance that you, like many runners, suffer from Achilles tendinitis.

In addition to runner’s knee and shin splints, Achilles tendon injuries are one of the most common problems runners experience.

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What Is the Achilles Tendon?

The Achilles tendon, which is also called the “calcaneal tendon,” is a band of connective tissue which connects the calf muscles to the calceneus (the bone that juts out at the bottom of your heel).

What Are Achilles Tendinitis Symptoms?

Runners who suffer Achilles tendinitis feel stiffness in the calf, through the ankle, and into the heel. The area above the heel is usually extremely sensitive to pressure. Most people experience the highest level of pain when they wake in the morning. At the beginning of a run, the pain can be quite intense. The pain usually subsides as the run continues, but then spikes again a few hours afterwards. 

What Is Achilles Tendinosis?

Achilles tendon pain that persists for weeks or even months can lead to Achilles tendinosis, a chronic pain. Chronic tendinitis pain is caused by:

A thickening and stiffening of the Achilles…

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