What Not to Do After Your Workout: 6 Mistakes to Avoid!

You just finished an awesome and sweaty workout – great job! But working out isn’t the only thing that matters; what you do afterward is the key to a good recovery and muscle growth.

Avoid these six mistakes after a workout:

1. Forget to hydrate

Most people are walking around chronically dehydrated. It’s essential to make sure that you always drink enough water. How much? Approximately 30-35 ml per kg of body weight per day, plus an extra 500-1000 ml for every hour of exercise. This is especially important if you sweat a lot! Stay hydrated before, during and especially after your workout.

Check your liquid requirement with our calculator: 

2. You don’t eat after your workout

Are you one of those people who can’t eat after they work out? Or are you trying to cut calories to lose weight? No matter the reason, not eating after a workout is a big mistake. Your energy stores have been depleted; your body now needs fuel to build muscles and recover.

Try to have at least a small snack about 30 minutes after exercise. The best option is a combination of protein and carbohydrates. How about a vegan post-workout shake (without protein powder) or loaded sweet potato skins? 

3. Forget to stretch

Your warm-up and your…

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