What It’s Like Living the Roadlife During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are a wide variety of ways people are trying to grasp onto some semblance of sanity as COVID-19 evolves and rapidly changes our way of life. At the first whisper of a ‘shelter-in-place’ notion, many began to look toward more appealing escape routes with the idea that if everyone were forced to stay put, perhaps they could situate themselves somewhere remote and in nature to stretch their legs and keep busy.

Megan and Nate Kantor, creators of a “Space for Roadlifers.” Photo: Courtesy of Megan and Nate Kantor

On the surface, vanlifers seemed to have hit the self-isolation jackpot. Living full-time in a home-on-wheels now doubled as a portable escape pod to migrate to a location of preference during this pandemic. To the outdoor enthusiast bound to their stationary home, living in the wild as a vanlifer was perhaps filled with even less guilt—since technically, their car is their home. Where else are they supposed to park it?

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