If you’ve ever run long distances, you know that running is a lot more than just physically challenging. It can really test your mental toughness. No matter whether you are training for your next half marathon or your first marathon, don’t forget to work on developing a running mindset along with your strength and endurance training.  

Focus, relax, and keep your eye on the goal – building mental strength is helpful in many areas of our life, such as at work, in the family, and also in fitness. Mental toughness in fitness is partially about developing the right mindset, but also adopting strategies to stay both focused and relaxed so you can get the most out of your workout. Runners training for a long distance race can really get a lot out of mental training.(1)

Did you know?

Mental training was originally used in sports psychology to teach athletes to adjust and control their movement by imagining the competitive event before hand. Today, mental training is an important part of training and is often based on contemporary behavioral psychology and therapeutic methods. It is used to reduce stress and calm the nerves of elite athletes before competing. Coaches have observed that victory against a competitor of equal…

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