We always have a choice

19 May We always have a choice

Posted at 15:07h
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by Natalie Jill

We always have a choice

We ALWAYS have a choice y’all. With every aspect of our lives. It may not be the right time for the choice, it may not feel obvious, and it may not be easy or even possible but there is always a choice.

I live in California and chose to be here over 15 years ago.(Insert your state, circumstance, whatever here as well)  I was drawn to the nature, the warm climate, the sun set, the beaches and the endless hiking trails and care free mindset of people that live here.

And now,  I find myself  frustrated around a lot of what what is happening here. It feels wrong, it feels frustrating AND I am wise enough to know that living in those victim “feelings” are not good for us.

Victim mindset never help us

BUT other than that one paragraph above, I am not going to complain or rant about it anymore. WHY? Because we ALWAYS have a choice.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine the other morning about this. She was super frustrated and said “this feels very wrong” I am going to share with you what I…

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