16 Nov Using Your Gifts to Overcome Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse with Maxx Nies Posted at 04:15h in Podcast by Natalie Jill Using Your Gifts to Overcome Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse with Maxx Nies

In 2018, Maxx Nies picked up a pen and began writing songs to heal from the sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse she had suffered.

Her first single “No Good At Love”, from her album titled “Daddy’s Issues”, is about how she never felt clean enough to love herself or others.

Maxx used to take many showers a day trying to wash off the feeling of being dirty which was  brought on by guilt and shame.

At age 20 now Maxx,  Through writing this title track, I was able to heal quickly. As  she began to write more and more songs, she was able to navigate through the pain, hurt, and disorders.

Now eating disorder and  medication free. She has turned her pain into quite a purpose! She is a singer, songwriter, survivor, and thriver with a heart to help others heal through my music.

Join in today and learn exactly how Maxx Nies has leveled up creating everything from nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

How this young singer healed her heart with musicHow to channel your pain into purposeWhat it takes to release a…

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