Using an Exercise Bike on Zwift

I’ve been trying to find a way to stay active in the event that running outside becomes unavailable, and so I had been thinking about an exercise bike. But I also wanted to try to use it on zwift. I know I’m not the first to figure out these processes, but I wanted to put together a video using things that are readily available today on Amazon*

Indoor exercise bike

Wahoo speed and cadence sensor

Wahoo tickr

Mat under the bike

*note: I think the bike that I used is now of limited availability on Amazon, given the current global situation

disclosures: the bike, sensors, and mat are products that I purchased with my own money. No one is paying me to make this video or to use these products or services. No one will get a chance to preview any of my footage or thoughts before the video goes up in YouTube.

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Biking footage shot on:
GoPro Hero 8 Black (paid link)

Sony a6300 (paid ink)

Disclosure: It’s 2020, so I think we all know how affiliate links work at this point, but for regulatory compliance or affiliate program purposes, I must state that affiliate links do not increase cost to you, but:
I may earn commissions if you purchase items from Insta360 via my affiliate links.
“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Also, you do not need to use these links. You can also search for these same items in amazon or on any search engine/shopping site of your choice and buy/research them that way.

In lieu of a charity runner of the week, my wife and I will be donating to our local food pantry.

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