Turn Set Backs Into Come Backs

19 May Turn Set Backs Into Come Backs

Posted at 19:41h
in Motivation
by Natalie Jill

Starting over can suck or it can be a new beginning- it’s always our perspective!

Today marks 11 weeks post distal bicep tear surgery repair. I’d be lying if I did not share that I have daily thoughts or defeat around this (muscle atrophy, nerve pain, can’t write or use a fork) AND it’s been a huge opportunity for growth for me. I remind myself DAILY to operate not from my circumstances but from POSSIBILITIES.

I am grateful for so much:

I’ve learned a lot about about pain management and can help people on a whole new understanding level of compassion now

I’ve learned more about the power or blood flow resistance training, hypnosis and other skills and techniques I did not know of before (both of those are super powerful by the way)

I’ve got a daily reminder (it is my right arm lol) to focus on gratitude for the gifts that we DO have with our bodies. I never appreciated my arms the way I do now.

I’ve started to LOVE my 6 miles of walking a day. Would have never embraced that if I had not been injured….

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