Trail running allows you to head out into the wild, experience new terrain, and really get lost in nature. But to go off the beaten path safely, runners need to prepare a few trail running essentials. Even if you’re running in an area you know relatively well, having some just-in-case items at the ready will help ensure a minor issue—like a rolled ankle or an accidental detour—doesn’t turn into a serious problem. Here’s everything you need in your trail running kit, plus Timothy Olson’s pack essentials. 

“What I love about trail running is the places it takes you—both within and without. Trail running allows you see the wildest places, but it also allows you to go within and see the beauty in yourself as well.” – Timothy Olson

Everything You Need in Your Trail Running Kit 1. Adequate Hydration 

Bring enough water to sustain you during your run. Dehydration leads to dizziness, muscle cramps, and a host of other symptoms that may not seem a big deal if you’re within range of your car or public transit but can become hazardous when you’re out in the mountains. If you’re unsure of how much water you need to bring along, use this calculator to figure out your optimal water intake. If you can’t bring…

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